Drinking From Copper Will Do This to Your Body

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Since time immemorial copper vessels have been used for eating and drinking in many civilizations, be it Egyptian, Vedic or Sumerians. Many historically accurate studies have proven that copper is a “contact killer” for many harmful chemicals and toxins. Of course too much copper is not good for our organs but drinking from copper jugs or cups at least once in a day can work wonders for our systems

  1. How does copper work for our good? Historical studies and modern medical researchers have proven that large amount of water when stored in copper bodies it remains cleaner and safer for much later usages too. Egyptians and Vedic people used to drink from copper mugs which acted as a natural immune system for many.
  2. Copper stimulates the brain– copper has micro nutrient and produces myelin sheaths which are key parts of nervous system and allows are brain synapses to jump from point A to point B so essentially drinking from copper mugs in moderation will keep our synapses fire fighting sharp.
  3. copper soothes are joints– a rumor that wearing copper around your joints makes it stronger….well it’s not a myth anymore in fact it has been medically proven. If the copper band around your wrist or joints turns green along with the skin it’s a proof that its an effective oxidizing agent and is helping the joint pain. Same way copper can also regain lost cartilages and soothe sores and swellings
  4. Aids the digestion-eating or drinking from copper vessels can actually improve our digestive system by cleaning its tracts. Also it’s known that copper loosens the contractive colons and intestines and helps better waste removal. Copper kills harmful bacteria and other dangerous micro organism that can cause stomach unrest.
  5. Balances thyroid– people with low or high thyroid secretion problem must in take warm water especially drinking from copper mugs would to immediately restore normal thyroid functions in the body.So now you know drinking from copper is good for your health. Try it for yourself.