If You Take a Pill with Food or Keep Your Eyes Open While You Put In Eye Drops- You Are Making A Big Mistake

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Taking pills in the accurate timing and in the right way is not easy at all. Some remedies need to be taken on an empty stomach, some after a meal, and some should not be taken with a juice. People are usually making mistakes with these things and that could lead to serious consequences.

In a report from 2009, published by the National Institute of Health and Care, updated in March, it was declared that half of the prescribed remedies are not being taken properly, says Daily Mail.

You don’t close your eyes after you put in eye drops

Professor Francesca Cordeiro, a consultant ophthalmologist, says that the biggest mistake that people make is that they don’t close their eyes after putting in the eye drops.

“Pressing the inner duct of your eye with the finger about 2 minutes is mostly recommended- after putting in the eye drops, the tear duct becomes closed and thus it prevents the liquid of getting down the throat. If you can feel the eye drops, then they are in your throat which means that you`ve lost big amount of the dose”, she says.

You Consume Food with Ibuprofen

Most of the people take this remedy when they have headache or pain in the breast. It is recommended that you consume it with food in order to prevent stomach damage.

But, the gastroenterologist Ingvar Bjarnason considers this a big mistake because in that case the remedy needs 45 minutes to start working. He says: “You are taking a headache pill and you want the pain to disappear as soon as possible. If you take it on an empty stomach, you will feel the effect in 15 minutes”.

After spraying a solution in your nose, you sniffle unconsciously

Usually, people sniffle unconsciously when they spray a spray in the nose. “In this way the spray withdraws on the back side of the throat and you practically swallow it”, says Sofi Farouk, allergy consultant. She says that you should breathe properly when you spray the solution. Another mistake that people make is closing one nostril.