Man Loses One-Third of His Body Weight by Changing One Habit in His Diet

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Believe it or not, juicing is a controversial topic among health-conscious individuals. Some believe that juicing is amazing, explaining how it is an excellent nutritious punch.

It is especially good for those who do not feel like getting enough nutrients of their fresh produce in the course of a day. It also provides combining different ingredients, making it easier to meet recommended daily intake.

“I feel a lot younger,” says the man who lost 140 pounds.

He was motivated by the world popular documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and his kidney failure diagnosis, and decided to change his dietary habits and never look back.

“Over the last few years I felt horrendous and I felt older than I actually am,” he explains. “But now I feel a lot younger. I am doing a lot of things I never thought I’d get to do. I feel brilliant and when I think back to how ill I was and how bad I felt, I just never want to go back.”

Harding-Jones wore a size 5XL shirts and enjoyed two McDonald’s breakfasts every day. His waist reached 56 unhealthy inches, and his family was quite worried about his junk food intake and his health in general. Despite all this, he keep eating kebobs before going to bed and ate chocolate throughout the whole day. He experienced diabetes complications and kidney issues.

“I knew I was on a slippery slope. My body was giving me a warning,” he adds. “I felt permanently not very well. I had an impending doom.”

Luckily, this changed after he watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. He became more aware after watching how junk food affects health and decided to live a healthier life.